Stephanie Nabours

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After achieving her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Texas at Austin, Stephanie Nabours worked in Engine Research at Cummins, Inc; then moved to General Motors as a Design Engineer. At GM she championed $2.5 million in annual cost savings for the Full Size Truck ETC pedal, was the Lead for the Powertrain Controls product development team, debugged issues related to Powertrain Control, and designed parts in Unigraphics/IMAN. While working at GM, she also earned her Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Oakland University.

Her first company, CS Engineering Company, machined parts for various companies who required a more specialized touch. CS Ventures, LLC was formed to manage investments and rental properties.

With her husband, CS Marine, LLC provides quality assistance in Project Management. Through years of experience in the field of Mechanical Engineering they have developed the skills that make them a company that others want to hire and where people enjoy working.


Stephen Nabours, P.E.

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Director of operations

Steve Nabours is the Director of Operations and Co-Owner of CS Marine LLC.  He has 20+ years of Industry experience in Powertrain design and manufacturing.  Additionally, Steve is a licensed Professional Engineer and is certified as a private pilot.

Steve has designed engines ranging in size from single cylinder and motor cycles through automotive and large engines.  His experience in advanced engine architecture has included opposed piston and rotary.  Steve has developed advanced combustion systems such as direct injection gasoline and HCCI, using autocycle, diesel, and hybrid cycles.  In addition, his work has included transmission design and manufacture from two-speed hydraulic through CVT.  Steve’s latest experience includes marine propulsion commissioning including shaft alignment incorporating strain and optical measurement.

Steve has always been intrigued by moving parts and learning how machines work.  Simultaneously while obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, he began his professional career working for Ford Motor Company as a Project Engineer. Upon graduation he was a Performance Development Engineer for Cummins Engine Company. Next, he became the Senior Design Engineer for FEV Engine Technology.  During his time at FEV, Steve earned his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Oakland University.  Then, Chrysler hired him as the Senior Project Manager. He moved on as the Program Manager for ATC Drivetrain Inc.  At Liquid Piston, Inc. he was the Chief Engineer.  Lastly before starting his own company, he worked for Ricardo as the the Engineering Manager.

These years of considerably varied experiences led to Steve and Stephanie creating a company that they truly believe in, CS Marine LLC.  CS Marine LLC is a company designed with flexibility to serve the needs of other companies needing excellent engineering assistance.


David C Kieke

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David Kieke holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Oakland University, an MBA from Oakland University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from The University of Texas. David has focused his career in mechanical design and manufacturing for automotive, aerospace, marine, power generation, and motorsports applications. His experience includes powertrain design and development for continuously variable transmissions, engine assemblies, engine cylinder heads and rotating components, fuel system components, and hybrid vehicle systems. David also has extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of vehicle chassis, suspension components, and vehicle integration of powertrain systems. Most recently he has spent the majority of his time installing and improving the integration of marine propulsion systems.

David is an expert at CAD tools including Pro-E and SolidWorks as well as mechanical analysis tools which combined with his hands-on manufacturing, machining, and fabrication experience enable him to design and develop cost effective solutions for proof-of-concept, pre-production, and production technologies. David’s experience also includes market research, analysis and segmentation for new products, manufacturing cost estimation, and development of processes and standards for growing and mature companies, all of which are critical for new product development and improving existing products. Previous employment engagements include UT-Austin, CFAN, General Motors, FEV Engine Technology, Fallbrook Technologies, marine systems integrators, shipyards, and multiple startup companies in the clean energy space.


Andrew Nesberg

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Technical Specialist

Andrew Nesberg, experienced in marine driveshaft alignment, is a Technical Specialist for CS Marine LLC. Andrew has a history of maintenance for residential and commercial buildings, including electrical, plumbing, and framing. Andrew has a B.S. in Mathematics from Northern Michigan University with minors in Business Management and Chemistry. Andrew Nesberg and CS Marine LLC have effectively reduced drive shaft alignment time required for the LCS program at FMM in Marinette, WI. Andrew is experienced with installing strain gauges and taking measurement data with Rotalign laser alignment systems, Faro Arm and Laser technology, as well as strain gauges. Andrew is currently in charge of alignment activities such as shim measurements, installation, bearing measurements, and adjusting bearings with tolerances as low as 0.002 inches. Andrew Nesberg oversees alignment tasks Fincantieri Marinette Marine alignment personnel performs.


Daniel Nesberg

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Technical Specialist

Daniel Nesberg is a technical specialist at CS Marine LLC. Daniel currently performs and oversees alignment activities for the Navy’s LCS program at Fincantieri Marinette Marine in Marinette, Wisconsin. He is experienced in measuring and adjusting propulsion systems within very tight tolerances using equipment such as strain gauges and FARO Laser technology. With his help, CS Marine LLC has significantly reduced the time needed for drive shaft alignment.

Daniel holds a BA degree in Philosophy with a minor in German studies. He is certified at the B1 level of proficiency in the German language from the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg, Germany.


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